Sorry, I have been busy doing stuff around here. Helping Matthew get settled in. Adjusting to 3 people in the house will take some getting use to. So far it seems to be working.
Today was the first chance I had to do any major cleaning around here so that was my day. Now I have to start on dinner. Its a never ending circle…LOL. Oh well, thats life.

Wasn’t all that snow pretty? Glad its gone. I want the summer to get here. No more of that flaky stuff!
I have a question…. Do any of you use “Olay” products? I got a sample in the mail for Total Effects and I must say I like it. I’m just wondering if anyone uses it regularly and what they think of it.
I normally use “Dove” moisturizers but I might change to Olay. I like Dove but I haven’t really noticed anything different about my skin.
I’ll see how my face is after a week of this Olay sample.

2 comments on “I’m still out here…

  1. Lucy

    I love Olay!!! I use it everyday for the past year. Great stuff!

  2. Smurf

    Wouldn’t know, I use ivory bar soap..hahaha, Yes you really notice a huge difference on the routine around the house with new additions, at least matthew sleeps through the night ! hehehehe

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