Its 20c outside! Beautiful! And I am inside. My leg has decided to act up this afternoon. It sucks.
Oh well, it has been better the last 2 weeks so a day now and then I can handle. So whats going on over here? Well… Matthew has been out every day job hunting. He has gained 5lbs. He has quit smoking. This is day 5 and so far so good.

I’m hoping that I can get out on our deck and clean it so we can start sitting out there on nice days like today. I want to get a bunch of plants and make a little jungle out there.I’ll take some pics once I have it done.
I think my weight loss plateau is gone, I’ve drop 2lbs this week.Yippee for me!
That leaves me with 10 more to lose. I have started my yoga again this week. only 15 minutes each day but its a start and I’ll build up to more. What else did I do? I painted my nails. I trimmed Bunny’s nails. I didn’t dare try to trim Baby’s nails.
So thats it. Thats what I did. Oh yeah, went shopping with mom this morning.
I guess now I will have to go and do the cat’s blog since they are sending me their thoughts.

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  1. grandmothergoose

    Sounds like you had a good day!
    Busy too!
    Good to hear that Matt is doing better!

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