I hope y’all had a good weekend. Gregg and I enjoyed ours. Saturday we drove out to Vancouver to get some PC parts and met with Glen(Gregg’s dad). Glen was in town for the Car show. We met down at The Cambie for a beer. After that beer we walked up a block to The Bourbon and had one there. We then decided to go up to Granville street and find some dinner. We stopped at the Nelson Cafe for a beer and some chips & salsa. After that we walked Granville and took notice of all the changes there. I remember how scummy it was years ago, but now its really starting to look good. There are new shops and restaurants popping up every where. We showed Glen the Godard Art Gallery and he said “no way! I cant go in there! I’ll spend all my money”.(LOL) He loved the Martini art.
We stopped for a beer at The Royal where a stag party showed up a few minutes after us. The groom was draped in a Mexican flag and a fancy sombrero while the other dozen friends had cheap sombreros and cheesy mustaches. It added to the fun of the evening to see them stumbling around the bar and on the streets.

We finally decided to have dinner at The Doolins Irish Pub. It was very busy but we found a table in the back. We ordered 2 beers for the guys and diet coke for me and some onion rings as an appy and then the main meal. I had the chicken strips and fries(i know its not on my diet) But it was good. I actually only ate half my meal and took the rest home. After dinner we walked back to our cars and headed home.
So that was our saturday. Sunday we did nothing. Just relaxed and had a nice day. We bbq’d and watched some TV.
Today the car is getting a tune up and Gregg is going in to get his implants done. I can hardly wait to see what his smile will look like.

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  1. grandmothergoose

    ooooooo have to go and see if Gregg posted a picture of himself!

    We als had a very nice weekend, spent mostly with family!

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