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Went out with mom this morning and finally after 2 weeks of searching we found a bookshelf for her. Now I can rest.She had a certain height she wanted but we could never find it. Well we did at Rona. We stopped at Costco to grab a few things and then to the dollar store and back home.
Now Matthew is getting ready to go to his new job and I will be all alone. He got the job at Home Depot but he isn’t getting enough hours there. So he got a job at a private liquor store out on Whatcom Rd. Its almost full time and better pay. I hope this will work out for him.
Anyways, I’m off to read my book and relax. Maybe even have a snooze since I was up most of the night.

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  1. Congrats go out to Matthew on his job..hope it does work out for him, and as for the shelving, we also bought our 2 wall shelves at Rona, they look good side by side.

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