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In my search for Patio lights I came across 2 great websites. I guess before I go on I should explain why I am on this expedition. Since we moved into our condo almost 3 years ago(wow! its been that long already) I have been wanting to make our sundeck into a mexican theme garden. I have it all planned out, but to start, I need my lights. Well I dont need them first but they are the main part of the decor. I have found a few lights that I want but always online and never in a store. So this year I am hunting and searching every store that I can think of that might have what I want.

I googled “patio string lights” and looked at a lot of sites but these 2 caught my eye. The first one is based in Victoria,BC. Its called I love duckies. Yes I thought it was a odd name at first but then when I started going thru all the pages I could see why they call themselves that. They have the chili pepper lights that I was thinking of getting but they are not as fancy as some others I have seen. If you want ducks this is the place to get them. They have all the rubber ducks you can think of.

The second site is called “Off the Deep End“. They truly are. The “cheesy lights” section is huge.
I have found the lights I want. But I will have to find them at store since its too much money to order them online with shipping and handling costs. The chili peppers they have are a bit fancier.
Anyways, both sites are interesting and thought I would share them.

If anyone knows where there is a good place to find a big selection of patio string lights please let me know. As long as its in the lower mainland I am willing to go and look. Just remember, I am looking for a mexican theme.

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  1. A very neat idea! Good luck with the searching for the patio lights. If I come across any, I’ll let you know.

  2. hey just thought I would let you know that i just saw the cutest lights at Zellers. They are paper lanterns about 3 inches tall and they were brightly striped multicoloured. They were so festive and fun. Not super cheesy but really cool!! I think you get 10 in a box strung together for 15.00 or something. May help you to go look there!!

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