Busy weekend

This weekend was busy. Gregg has been working on 4 computers. His next courses have showed up so now he will be back to studying every evening and weekends. I will have to find things to keep me busy and try not to bug him too much. He got his last tooth put in yesterday. He has a great smile now. Its amazing how natural the implants look. Its been hot in the condo the last couple nights. I think we will have to get another fan. Matthew is going to roast this summer in the back room.
I did have a chance to go and get mom’s birthday gift, so I need money($20) from Lucy, Judy, Waltrude and Gizzy. I will collect it when I see you. Also we are going to plan ladies lunch on the 28th of May. I’ll email everyone the details.

Anyways, I am cleaning today since its sunny and I can see all the dirt around here…lol.

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