Today I had to go with mom to Chilliwack. She had to get some kind of eye scan and couldn’t drive afterward. We got there and they put some drops in her eyes and after about 10 minutes they did the scan. We drove down to the other side of town to see her chiropractor. She had made an appointment for both of us. We had an hour to wait so we went to the coffee shop next door. We sat and talked about all sorts of stuff. It was nice to sit and relax. Now here is where is gets weird. The whole time we are talking and drinking coffee and enjoying our time together, I keep on getting distracted by her eyes. It was like she had cat eyes. Her pupils were dilated from the drops. All I saw was 2 big round black eyes. It just looked freaky! It reminded me of monster eyes from horror movies…LOL. It took about 4 hours before they were normal again.
Anyways, the chiropractor did some adjustments and I am hoping that I will feel better tomorrow. Its hard to tell right now since I am sore all over. I do know that this evening is pizza night. I have no energy to cook.

2 comments on “Mom’s eyes

  1. Cynthia

    Oma with crazy cat/monster eyes….very interesting!!

  2. Lucy

    LOL, you’re funny Cynthia!!!! I can’t see Oma with crazy cat/monster eyes!!! I do hope you both feel better tomorrow.

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