Happy Mom’s day to all you moms out there. I hope that you all enjoy the day no matter what you are planning to do. I plan on doing nothing. Yup. I’m going to be lazy. Colby called me this morning already and wished me a happy day. Matthew gave me a 3 pack of “happiness” from LUSH and Gregg is just Gregg…lol.

I’ve been working on my spanish this past week. I want to be able to communicate better with the locals this time when we go down to Mexico. So far I’m doing good, but I forget a lot of it. I guess I’ll find out how well I can speak spanish once we are there. Less than 6 months to go. I’m getting excited. I wish we were there already. I guess this next visit will be the one that helps us decide if we will really look at moving there in the future. We loved it there so much on our first visit. Gregg and I talk about it all the time. How much we enjoyed it. So time will tell what happens.

Anyways, enjoy the day people!

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