Its Matthew’s birthday today. Wow! Hard to believe he is 22. Good thing I don’t feel too old…LOL
Lets go down memory lane….I remember the day I had him. It was a very warm day. We were living in Vancouver at the time. I had had some false labor pains over the week. Saturday the 18th I had gone to the hospital thinking I was in labor. After a few hours they sent me home. Sunday we decided to go to Queen E. park and walk around. Well, that walk put me back in the hostipal at about 6pm. This time they kept me there. I was officially in labor!

I struggled thru the night with contractions about 40 minutes apart. In the morning my Doctor came to see me and said that I would be ready to have him in the evening. I said great! Its about time! But no, Matthew had other plans. He decided that he wasn’t going to join the human race till he was good and ready. So for the next 2 days he kicked and fought me to the end. I won’t go into all the details of those 2 days but lets just say that I was dog tired.

On Wednesday morning 9:59am after 3 long days, there he was. 8lbs 14oz. I recall the doctor asking me if I wanted to hold my son, my answer was “no way! I just held him for 9 1/2 months! let his dad have him”. So his dad was the first to hold him. He was a proud father.

We was a good baby. Slept thru the nights from his third week on. He wasn’t a fussy kid. He was an all round good boy. Growing up he had his moments in the spotlight, as all boys do…lol. There were times where I think he wanted to make me insane just for the heck of it.

I know that I wasn’t there as much as I wanted to be during his teens but I tried my hardest to be there when he needed me. Now I am here. He is my “Goober” and he always will be. I hope that his future will be bright and happy. Its true what they say, “good things do come to those who deserve it”. Trust me Matthew, I know this all too well and you deserve it!

I love you goober!

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  1. Lucy

    HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY MATHEW!! Wow, 22 years already. How time flies literally! Have a fantastic day, goober! LOL

  2. Cynthia

    great post!! Thank you for sharing….Happy Birthday MAtt!!

  3. writtentale

    Great Post! Isn’t it the best day of all?

    I have a 21 year old! Happy Birthday Goober!

    Thanks for the visit!

    Ann Clemmons

    A Nice Place In The Sun

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