I woke up this morning and walked to my kitchen smelling fresh coffee brewing that Matthew had made.(first time since he moved in) Thanks Matt. I said good morning to my kid playing W.O.W.(world of warcraft) and headed for the fish tank. Looking forward to seeing Bubba’s big gapping mouth begging for food. I opened the top of the tank, but there was no Bubba. I looked and found him hiding behind some weeds. He wasn’t moving. I poked at him with a plastic stick. He was dead. My Bubba is dead. I’ve had him for almost 4 years. I pulled him out of the tank and laid him down in the sink and grab a coffee.
Bubba has been weighed and buried. He was 6 0z thats alot for a fish. He is resting at peace in the garbage. I was worried about flushing him since he might get stuck on the way down. Being as round as a tennis ball.

So the morning is off to a good start. We are getting ready and should be out of here at noon to make the trip to Colby’s grad. I’ll blog tomorrow!

3 comments on “Ode to Bubba

  1. Smurf

    Awww sorry to hear about Bubba ! Hope you all have a safe trip. Congrats to Colby.Look forward to hearing all about it

  2. Lucy

    Not Bubba!!!! He was so cute. But then again, you did enjoy him for 4 years. NO MORE BAD NEWS!!

  3. grandmothergoose

    Poor Bubba!
    But he did have a long life!

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