Out of all the pictures taken that day, this is the best one. Colby has a bad habit of making faces. Plus almost all the pictures Gregg took with his camera were blank. I guess its really time for a new camera.
As you can see, Colby is posing but ready to do something silly…lol.
The trip went well. We stopped in Hope for lunch. Then we drove straight thru to Kamloops. We stopped at Costco to see if they had any jeans for Matt, but he is too skinny. So we ended up at Value Village and found a pair there.
The next stop was the “beach Club”. We had a drink and relaxed. We still had 2 hours to kill. Soon it was time to go. We got to the Sports arena and found Colby. We talked for a bit and then he was off. We found our seats and waited. Everything was very nice. The only thing that I was bothered with was that Bob wasn’t there. He did show up in time to see Colby up on stage.(40 mins late) He walked out after that. It was not impressive. After the ceremony Colby had stripped his gown off and was heading outside. So that was it for anymore pictures. We walked to Bob’s truck and we had some terrible champagne that Kim(wifey) said was very expensive(about 3 times). I know it wasn’t. We then all headed to Bob’s favorite restaurant “Mino’s” its greek. I think its the only place that he can still eat at in town.
Bob ordered for everybody. Gregg and I ordered from the menu. I could not believe my eyes. The mass of food that was ordered was scary. There were only 8 of us there. Bob ordered for 6. He ordered: 2 big greek salads, 2 large calamari, 2 platters of garlic prawns, large platter of rice, 2 plates of potatoes, 40 lamb chops, 5 lobster tails and about 6 bread baskets full of pita bread. I wish I had taken a picture. There was no room on the 3 tables we shared. Gregg and I ordered the appy platter for 2 and that was even too much food for us! I’m sure that Bob was just being himself as usual, but that was overkill.
We watched Colby and Kenny(kim’s boy) stuff themselves. Colby’s friend Steve had a normal helping of food. Matthew had about 5 chops and some rice and prawns. Bob and Kim didn’t eat. Reason for this? Well… lets just say they were indulging in other things.
Colby and I went outside and talked a bit. He is hoping to come for a visit this summer if he doesn’t have to work. After our talk we went back inside and took a few pictures.

This one is of Matt, Bob and Colby.

As you can see Bob has grown a bit around the mid section. Oh heck! he has just grown round!

We finally hit the road after a quick stop at the gas station. Matt got comfy in the back seat and I think he slept the whole way home. Gregg and I chatted about the evening. I realized that my Colby is a grown up now and is turning 18 next month. I also realized that I don’t have to see Bob again for a very long time. That he is finally going to be out of my life. I might see him at Matt or Colby’s weddings but by that time who knows if he will still be around considering his lifestyle. I don’t wish any bad luck on him but the way he lives its hard to say where his future will go. We got home at 2am. Gregg went straight to bed and was out like a light instantly, same with Matt. I on the other hand couldn’t fall asleep. I did finally at about 6am get about and hour.
All in all, it all went well.

6 comments on “Colby’s Grad

  1. Smurf

    Glad that everything went well….Did you bring some of that food Bob ordered home???..LOL

    First time I saw your boys, pretty handsome I must say !

  2. Lucy

    Sounds like a great graduation for Colby!!! So nice that you, Matt and Gregg could be there for him. That must of felt really special for him. Great pictures of you and the boys, but WOW, has Bob aged!!!

  3. Cynthia

    glad you came away with a good experience. Is Colby moving out now?

    18 that means plus 11= I’m 29!! +11…means….your having a very BIG birthday this year!!!!!

  4. writtentale

    Don’t you hate how they make those silly faces?

    My son’s school pictures consisted of squashed up distorted faces that didn’t even look like him.

    Oh, it would make me so mad, however I think he got it from me, since his Dad is Mr. Serious.

    Thank you for visiting, A Nice Place In The Sun


  5. grandmothergoose

    Can’t believe that is Bob! He looks old and not exactly small either!
    Colby is a tall fellow!
    Glad to hear that you had a reasonably good time, concidering!

  6. Medicated

    LOL…it seems that its been awhile since everyone has seen the big guy.I think he is weighing in at about 350lbs.He is alot big in person.

    I wish that I had better pics but I have to take what I can get when it comes to Colby…lol

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