I’m working on my new blog. But it looks like it might take a bit longer since Gregg’s pc isnt running at the moment. Seems that its tired and wants to sleep. I have my blog up and running but we want the whole site running before we post the address.

Nothing new otherwise. Our building is getting pressure washing this week so all the stuff on the deck has to be brought inside. We just cleaned our deck and got the patio lights up and now it has to come down. I wish they would of told us about this before hand. So I wasted a weekend cleaning and setting up just to have to take it down and do it over. Plus my back was sore for days after scrubbing the mossy green crap off the edge of the deck. I should sue!…LOL yeah yeah, maybe if I lived in the states but us canucks dont sue for every tiny thing that happens in life. (oh no! my coffee’s too hot, I better sue!) Silly people. Dont worry, I dont hate you Americans. Some of my friends are from south of the border. Y’all r descent folk.

Well, I need to go and clear off the rest of the deck.

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Last Modified: June 8, 2007

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