Hello all! I am finally moved to my new blog. Yes today its official I will be posting here from now on. No more blogger. It was nice there but I am much happier here. I have control over everything I do. Over the next few weeks you might see changes in the theme or things in my sidebar. If you see something that you don’t think looks good please let me know. For those of you that are subscribed to my feedburner feed, don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything, the feed will point to my new blog and you are already subscribed.

The rest of our site is still getting worked on. We are still learning all the ins and outs of designing the web page. HTML is a bit tricky to learn all in one day(LOL).  You are probably wondering about the site name. We picked “playaparadise” because we want our site to be a happy place. When Gregg and I think of “happy” we think Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It was the place we spent our 2 week honeymoon. We fell in love with the town. It was the most beautiful place I had ever been to. In our future we hope that one day we will spend our retirement there on those white sandy beaches.  For now we will dream about it. Until October when we go back.(YIPPEE!) It will be our 5th anniversary in September and we have been waiting for this trip ever since we got back from the first time.

Anyways, Welcome! Enjoy the new site!

3 comments on “Good Morning!

  1. Lucy

    Your new blog looks terrific Karin, congrats and good luck with it!!!

  2. Smurf

    Looks good can’t wait to see what you all find to put on this one……

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