I just needed to tell everyone what a wonderful hubby I have. 🙂 Last night when Gregg got home from work he brought groceries that he stopped to grab after a 10 hour work day. Then he fired up the BBQ and cooked our steaks while I made the rest of dinner. After dinner he spent the rest of the evening working on our internet connection that we were having troubles with all day. He finally got it working just before midnight. Then he tells me that it was probably my doing since I was the one who put his big camera case on top of a keyboard that was under some other stuff. The camera case was pressing on the keys and was messing up all the internet connections. (oops on my part)

Then this morning I wake up and grab my coffee and get to my blog to see if I missed any comments last night. (I didn’t) But then! to my surprise what do I see? A purple dragonfly! Yup…a tiny little purple dragonfly up beside my web address. Some how during the last couple days Gregg found time to take a picture of one of my dragonfly lights on our deck and make it into a small icon.

He didn’t have to do it, but he did, for me. So that is why he is so great. He thinks of all the little things. It might only be a tiny purple dragonfly icon, but to me its BIG. Just like his love for me. Huge in fact. He has the biggest heart and is always thinking of the sweet things he can do to please me. What more can I ask for? Nothing. I already have what I need. Him.

So there is the mushy stuff for today…lol

As for me, I have finally hit 30 lbs lost! YUP! yes sir! I did it! I have lost 30 freak’n pounds! wooohooo!        I know! Its amazing and I feel so good. Yesterday I spent the afternoon going thru all of my clothes. I have a green garbage bag full of clothes to give away. I laughed myself silly trying on clothes. Jeans that fell off as soon as I put them on. Dresses that looks like I was wearing a tent. So I will be bringing the clothes with this Sunday to Lucy and Bert‘s BBQ. What ever doesn’t fit the family, can go to the food bank at my Sister‘s church.

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  1. Smurf

    I was wondering what that smell was, its you ! Spoiled rotten……lol Congrats on the weight loss !! The little things mean the most.

    Thanks for sharing !

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