This morning i decided that I needed to close Firefox(browser). It was slowing down since i hadn’t shut it down for a few days. SO I restart it and everything was fine. Then I tried to log into my blog and it didn’t work. “crap” I tried to sign in with different names and passwords and still nothing. “crap crap” hmmm…. I even asked Gregg what he could do and its didnt work him either. “triple crap” Finally after about 20 minutes I tried a completely different name and it took the name and a few tries at passwords and it took. I thought I lost it all. Good thing it worked. I cant imagine what I would do if I lost everything. I need to back up my blog.

Anyways, I’ve been working on the family site and today I am taking a break from it. Its getting frustrating. Its still gonna be a while before its ready. Maybe another week. I know my family is eager to see it but you will all have to wait till its finished. I can’t have you running around in there while I am working on it.

SO there you have it. Thats it for now. Blog at ya later!

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Last Modified: June 19, 2007

One comment on “A scare

  1. Grandmothergoose

    Hmmmm! Mental image! Us, running around on you website! Funnnnnnny! Was just seing all these little people running around! hehehehe
    Lucky you didn’t loose all you stuff!
    And you do deserve a day off but…. you had better get on it bright and early tomorrow morning! 🙂
    Have fun!

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