All afternoon I have been sitting here at my computer working on getting my passport information ready so that I will have an easier time going across the border and also traveling to Mexico. It took a few hours to get it done but now all I need to do is get my pictures signed and take it all into the passport office here in town. I’ll do that on Monday.

The rest of the time I burned 12 copies of the DVD we made at christmas time for my dad’s 80th birthday. Yes I know its late. I totally forgot about it. Its done now and I will bring everybody’s copy on Wednesday to the spa party. The rest of the time I have been fixing all the slides I scanned. There are about 550. I need to fix at least half of them. Once they are done I will post them to our Flickr site where all the family can see them and download the ones they want. You will need an account to view them, so go sign up!

As for the family site, it is just about ready to go. A few more things to tweak.

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  1. Smurf

    I did hear the other day that you won’t need a passport officially until 2008, just photo ID is required, apparently the States changed their minds.

    Definitely doesn’t hurt to get it done now anyways !

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