Well I went to my sister-in-law’s house today to have a”spa” morning. There were 8 of us all together. We all had a good time. The products all smelled very nice. We tried a few different things and they all felt good on the skin. Then some of the ladies made some purchases and we had coffee. My sister dropped me off at home. I know that the product is good for most people, but its not for me. Which is too bad. I was hoping that I might of finally found one that was better than the drugstore brands. I really liked the make-up, at first. Once I got home I started to get itchy on my face. I was already feeling my allergies at the party. I know its supposed to be hypo-allergenic, but there is something in the products my body doesn’t like. By the time I got home my allergies were full blown. I had to take my allergy meds and had to shower and wash off all the make-up and lotions. Its been 3 hours and I have finally stopped sneezing and blowing my nose. This was not pleasant. I feel bad that I am reviewing this product in a negative way. For me its not any good. I am very sensitive. I think more than most people.

So, I will rate this brand a 10 out of 10 for looks and packaging. If you like strong scents then this is for you, I rate it a 10 out of 10 for strong smell, otherwise I would say its a 5. Not that the scents are bad, just too strong for me. The make-up is of good quality. As for the foundation I was hoping would be good for me it wasn’t. I turned orangey. I do however like the concealer and will buy it again.

I guess I will just stick with my Dove products and my Lush. I know I can use them and have no reaction to them. Sorry Lucy and Gizy. Wish I could use the stuff.

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  1. Smurf

    sorry to hear that, was hoping you would have found something that did work for you. Oh well you can always go natural.

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