What do you think of when you think “summer”?

I remember going camping with my family when I was a kid. The beach at Skaha Lake in Penticton. Swimming, building sand castles, and just laying in the sun to get the best tan I could. There used to be a few concession stands along the beach that were in the shape of a peach. I think now there is only one left. I used to run along the beach from towel to towel or any shade I could find so as not to burn my feet on the hot sand just to get to those peaches to get a drink and a hotdog. Our campground was right across the street from the beach. We stayed at the same one every summer. Over the years I had actually made friends there. Some that I never saw again and others that I saw every summer. In the eveninge we would go “frogging” at the channel. It looks different now, but back then it was like a big pond to us kids. A place to catch frogs.

I also remember growing up in south Vancouver. We used to live by Sunset Park. In the evenings after dinner all the neighborhood kids would get together and play hide and seek. The big oak tree at the top of the lane was home free. We played in a 2 block zone. At least 30 kids. We played till we would hear our mothers start calling us in one at a time. As the sun went down there would be kids moaning about having to go in for the night. I used to spend many hours playing tennis in the alley. Hitting the neighbors garage door over and over. I wanted to be the best…lol.

There were also the days of going down to the public pool and  ending up with a green tinge  to my blond hair from the clorine and the smell of coppertone lotion all summer long. It didn’t matter where you were, you could always smell it on someone. Then there were the bike rides to Queen E park. It was a long ride but so worth it. Once we got there, we would run thru the fountains to cool off, then get back on our bikes and ride every trail we could find. Finally we would end up at Nat Bailey Stadium to watch a baseball  game thru the fence or grab a hotdog or a drink. Lets not forget the PNE. We used to get a free pass from school with our report cards if we passed that year. It was the highlight of the summer. We knew that summer was almost over when we had been at the PNE.

Life was good back then. It was simple. No worries. The only things we worried about was if are tans would last till Christmas. Now that summer is here again and I am much much older(LOL) I wish I could relive those wonderful memories. I know that I can never be a kid again and I don’t want to be. Sometimes it is fun to go back and look at the old neighborhood and see how its changed and remember the trees I used to climb or sitting on the roof of the school to watch the sun go down and to hear the 9’o’clock gun go off in the distance. There are many good memories and I could keep listing them but that would take forever.

So I say, enjoy your summer with your kids and families and make new memories.

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  1. Smurf

    Thanks for sharing some of your childhood memories, great having them. I have a few memories like that as well. Every summer we would get together with our family friends and head off to Bedrock City in Bridal Falls. Its now called DinoTown. I also remember going somewhere “up country” as my dad would call it. It was sometimes PG, other times Quesnel, and YES!! even Barkerville. From time to time we’d go fishing up the Fraser, other times we would go for a short trip to visit my Aunt in Penticton.

    Of course we always knew summer holidays was almost over when we also hit the PNE in late August.

    Nice thinking back from time to time….

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