Late this afternoon I decided that I would watch a movie. I had been wanting to see “wickerman” with Nicolas Cage. So I sat down and watched. Hmmm…It was good, it kept me interested. The plot was good well and the climax was great, but then…..then? I was let down. The ending was terrible!!!!! I felt let down. Horribly violated! I could not believe my eyes! The fact that it was over. Just like that! No warning. I hang my head and breath slowly. Relax I tell myself, its only a movie. I give it a 7  for a good story but a -7  for the ending.

I decided that I needed to watch another movie to make myself feel better. Having been cheated by “nicolas” I figured I would move on to Halle Berry. Thats right I watched “catwoman“. That woman has an amazing body. Wish I looked that good(lol) Dont we all! Anways! The movie was good, funny and cute. The plot was fine. There were a few times where you wondered about stuff as to how she found her catsuit after escaping from the jail. Just silly things like that I noticed. The ending was as I had thought. It felt satisfied. Pleasantly plump, like I just ate a tub of popcorn and drank a gallon of pop. Yes I would of paid to see it in the theater. I give it a 8 but I give Halle a 10! and nick ol’boy, I will see how you do in Ghostrider.

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Last Modified: July 1, 2007

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  1. Smurf

    Thanks for the review. We watched Live free or die hard this weekend…YES!!! Bruce Willis…..It was really good..heavy on the action, light on the storyline. but good

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