I’m back from TP. I was there for an hour. He used some electro shocker thingy on my neck and shoulder, and then had me do some exercises so I could do them at home every day. I have bad posture. He figures its from all those years of dragging around the extra boob weight. SO now I need to work on siting and standing in the proper positions. It will take time, if I go too fast I will actually make it worse. He did say that I can start doing mild yoga moves in a week or so. Also I don’t have to go see him again unless it doesn’t get better with in the next 2 weeks. I hope that it will, cause its costly to go.

Now I am going to go and relax and read my book.

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Last Modified: July 5, 2007

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  1. Smurf

    Sounds good. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that it does work and you do feel better !

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