Yup that right, its gonna be a hot week…finally. Its nice to see the sun after all that rain we had in June. Its very odd tho, last week was nice too but for some reason it didnt seem that hot. I am feeling it today! Its already 30c out there and its on;y 10:30 in the morning. I have turned on the A/C…aaaah…feels good. We dicided that this year we would spend the money and get a portable. Its great. Cools the condo off in less than an hour. Just wonderful.

As you all know we are heading back to Mexico in October. It will be our 5th anniversary and my 40th b-day. Yes I said 40.(LOL) Anyways, we have been back to looking at sites of Playa del Carmen again. I have gotten myself excited. I have been waiting for this trip for a long time. Last time was so fun and relaxing. I am looking forward to being stress free again, even if it is only for 2 weeks. I know that Gregg really could use the time away from his job and studies. That poor man works and studies, works and studies.

We have mentioned to the family that they are all welcome to join us for the first week, the second week we will be off on our own. I’m not sure who will be joining us or if we will be going alone. Either way is fine with us. It would be nice to share the fun but we are fine just the 2 of us. We have also ask the boys if they want to join us(we pay for the flight) but it looks like this year won’t work for them. Colby just finished high school and needs to fine a job or might even be at school in the fall so it really doesnt work for him. Matthew is struggling with money so it doesnt look good there. Gregg and I have talked about it and we have decided that we will plan a trip maybe in 2 years with just the boys. By that time they should be better off money wise and be able to take time off from whatever they are doing.

I really hope that Gregg’s dad comes with us. He could sure use a vacation too. He has had a bit of a rough year. As for my family, you all know that your welcome. Too bad mom and dad cant travel with us. It would be great if the whole family could do one last big vacation together.

So if anyone is interested in knowing more about the trip and might be thinking of joining us just email me.

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