Ah but I am in a cool condo … hehehe. Its 37c out there and I have the condo at a nice 26c. Yes Yes I know I’m not conserving energy. Seriously, its just too hot otherwise. Since we only have the sliding door and one window and we are on the second floor, it gets soooo hot in here. Even hotter than what it is outside. I think the people below us still have their heat on.

Anyways, I’m not doing much of anything today. Reading a book and watching a bit of TV. Anybody watching Big Brother this season? I am. All I can say is vote the crybaby Amber off the show. Man! all she has done is cry since the first episode. Its sickening! I’m curious how things will workout between the 2 gay guys…hehe, and that Nick is gonna be trouble! Already has Jen acting like a moron. Have to see what happens tomorrow night.

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  1. Smurf

    Never been big on reality TV. But did catch the first episode. Not too bad here as far as the heat goes. Got our A/C going as well.

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