I’m going to be busy on a few things. I want to start up the Condo cats website. Also need to finish cataloging all our movies and music. There are a few addons I want to get for this page. I want take it easy and not sit in this chair too much since I thing its what is causing me to have a sore back. By the way, the neck and shoulders are doing better.

I really need to clean up around here. Its just a bit hard to do when we are crammed into a small space. Our condo is a good size for two people,1200sqft, but throw in a third person and it gets a bit squishy. Its only for a few more months. Matt will be staying here till be get back from Mexico and then look for his own place for December 1st.

I’m not sure if you have moticed but at the bottom of the sidebar I have added “my library”. Its a great tool. You can keep track of all your books you have read. Since I read a lot its really helped me keep track. Try it out. I think you can even buy an upgrade.

Big Brother night. I’m enjoying the show. Even Gregg has gotten into it this time. I hope Jen goes but then again she is someone that will make the show more entertaining. I am loving Eric…LOL…I hope he stays as long as possible.

Alright, I’m off to do a few things. Adios!

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