I was reading another blog today about recycling. I thought about it and realized that I was the same way. I used to think that recycling was a stupid thing to do. Then I met Gregg. He taught me that it was a good thing. Now I try to recycle everything. I probably recycle some things that shouldn’t go in the bin. So I thought, why not look it up and see what all we recycle in our neck of the woods. I found a local site with all the info I needed.


Now I know exactly what I can and can not throw in to the bin. I dont unplug all my appliances but I do try to turn off lights and things that I am not using. I sometimes have the TV on just to have some background noise when I am alone but I have gotten out of the habit of doing it everyday. I wish there was a way to recycle kitty litter. Any ideas? I’m sure that the recycle depot doesn’t take it.Β  Speaking of that, I need to go clean the ol’shitbox.

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  1. Eric "Speedcat Hollydale"

    I like how you use the term Ol Shitbox πŸ™‚ I would bet that some type of fertilizer could be made from that stuff…in any case, I do not like the shitbox.

    Speedcat Hollydale

  2. Smurf

    I would love to invent a way to recycle diapers. I guess the way to solve that one is use cloth ones…..

    1. Gregg

      I do believe disposable diapers are recyclable. But then most people don’t even know how to properly throw them out. It’s illegal to through human or animal waste in the garbage, and so disposable diapers are designed so that after they are used, you can pull the center pad out and flush it. You then throw the rest out, but I’ve heard of recycle programs for that, as it’s just paper and plastic that is left.

  3. Lucy

    We recycle EVERYTHING! Even the concentrated juices that we buy. We cut the ends off and recycle the whole darn thing! LOL That was Berts idea. I’m thinking, why not! If it is helping the environment, we should all be doing it and making a habit of it in the meantime!

  4. Grandmothergoose

    I try to recycle as much as I can, too! Especially plastics!
    I even recycle the thin strips and caps from milkjugs. Everything that comes in cans and I do what Lucy does with the frozen juices.
    I certainly get my refunds for any other types of drinks that have that option. (Have a special little piggy-bank for refund money)
    I also recycle all cardboard; from hand soap cartons to toilet paper rolls and any that is found in any sort of packaging. (I don’t catch all the toilet paper rolls but at least some)
    Everything glass, for sure, and of course, newspapers and telephone directories and anything that has aluminum foil.
    I bring empty ink cartridges and fax rolls back to Staples.
    I reuse paper that has only been used on one side and I shred whatever possible and put it in the recycling, as well. πŸ™‚
    Old clothes go to family second hand stores and anything else goes to our church’s Food Bank!
    We try to be good!

    Good post, Karin!
    PS. Like your new blog look, too!

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