Yesterday was a good day. We started off going to “La Vie en Rose” to buy some bras. I have gone down another size. So I found 2 for 20 bucks. Good deal! Plus a pair of PJ shorts. After that we headed to my Plastic Surgeons office. I was having my 18 month check up. I let him know that I am not happy with part of my scar. It hasn’t healed the way it should. He had no problem with fixing it, so I go back in the new year and will have it redone. It will just be day surgery. Might even do it at his office.

After that we headed into Vancouver to the PNE. If you stop at 7-11 you can buy tickets and get 5 bucks off. We did that. We pulled into the parking lot and paid 15 bucks to park! ouch. We walked the grounds and realized that it has gotten smaller. I remember when there was so much to do and see. Those were the good old days. Now the Marketplace is only one building instead of three. The rides are ok, but I dont go on them now that I have the dizzies. We watched the Superdogs. Had some garlic fries that were very yummy. Had to have the mini donuts. I think this is the real reason we go there. I bought a t-shirt and a crystal nail file which I love, and some nail polish called “nail jazz“. I have been wanting these for a few years now. Finally splurged and bought them. When the polish runs out I can replace it with my know polish. I’ll do a review soon. Oh yeah, we ran into Cynthia and Steve and their friends. they were doing family time with the kids.

We decided to hit the road back home at about 6pm. I wasn’t feeling too good. My IC started up and my tummy was upset. I think it was the garlic fries.  I had wanted to see Tanya Tucker on the main stage but I just couldn’t take the pain. The traffic wasn’t too bad so we got home in good time. I had a bath and took my meds and went to bed. Gregg made some dinner for us and we watched Big Brother together. I fell asleep so after.

This morning I feel pretty good. I’m doing the laundry and waiting for shaw cable to come and install the digital phone. I have chili cooking in the crockpot…yum.

I am going to finally get around to posting about the snore shirt that Gregg won.  That will be next.

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  1. Smurf

    Glad you all had fun at the P.N.E. Sorry to hear that you had to cut it short. We won’t be going there for a few more years.

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