About a month ago Gregg was at Darren Barefoot‘s blog. Darren was looking for some bloggers that would try the shirt and do a review. Gregg signed me up. I had put this off since my allergist was changing my diet and the food changes greatly reduced my snoring, and so it took a while until I had a chance to try it out. I really did want this to work, but… I can tell you that just from wearing it, I wasn’t going to like sleeping in it. The back of the shirt has 3 pockets and in each one there is a hard foam tubing like the ones that are used in pools for floating on. Each one is about 4 inches long. It pulls the shirt down so it is always tight and high on the neck. I hate things high on my neck. The shirt itself is of normal T-shirt quality .

Anitsnore Shirt 003

Here is a photo of the back. Its a simple design. Just 3 pockets stitched on to the back.

Anitsnore Shirt 002

 I tried to have a nap yesterday afternoon with it on and it drove me crazy. I couldn’t fall asleep. There was no wiggle room for turning even a little bit on to my back. So I took out the tubes from each side and left only the middle one in. That felt a lot better. Still, I don’t think I could sleep with this all night long. I found myself getting frustrated with every turn I made. This shirt might work if the tube inserts were a bit smaller or maybe only 2 instead of 3 for smaller sized people. I can see how it will keep a person from rolling on to their backs. It is so uncomfortable. I felt like I had a huge brick across my back. So I would say that it can work. It just doesn’t work for me. I have chronic back pain so this isn’t something I would recommend for back pain sufferers. I would be willing to try this shirt again if they would redesign it with only 2 pockets. It would be a good option for people to be able to choose how many pockets they need according to their body size. I feel bad that I couldn’t give it a better review, but this review is from a person that has severe back troubles. It might be a great product for others that don’t have back pain. As for it helping with my snoring…Can’t really say it worked since it never let me fall asleep.

  (I think this might help my brother Bert)

Here is the website where you can order the shirts… Anti-snore

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  1. mlankton

    I think I may order one of these. Thanks for the article, I had never heard of this product before.

  2. MorganLighter

    Hey, have you ever tried ‘BreathRight’ nasal strips. I used to snore, which annoyed my wife, though she never said anything. However, the subject came up with some friends and she let it slip. Our friends suggested ‘BreathRight’ and the rest is history. Hope it works for you.

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