I have been wanting a mp3 player for the last couple years now but I just didn’t want to spend the money. Last year we bought one for Colby and he was thrilled. I almost bought one then. We paid 60 bucks for a sandisk m200 1 gig. Now they are about 40 bucks. Glad Gregg stopped me. We have been shopping around for a good sale and last week we thought that we would go to Costco and buy the sandisk e200 2 gig. On saturday we looked at all the local flyers and noticed that Future shop had them on sale for 139.99. Gregg looked online to see if there was anything better at other stores and found that Staples was selling them too but for 79.99. We couldnt believe the price difference. We printed the website page and got ready and headed to Staples. They didnt have any in the store. So we went to Future Shop and they had them. We showed them the sale at Staples and they looked it up to see if it was just an online sale only. Lucky for us it didnt say a thing if it was or wasn’t. They price matched and also gave us another 10% off. Fantastic! We bought 2. Now we both have a player.

We got home and charged them up Gregg started looking for different programs we could add to the players. He found a bunch of different stuff. This player will do it all! We can watch movies, listen to the radio, store pics, record messages, read Ebooks and even play games.(Gregg has already converted some movies to watch). The best part is that it has an extra slot for micro memory cards. We can add extra gigs. Its perfect. Now when we go to Mexico in a couple months we will be able to entertain ourselves on the plane and while laying on the beach tanning and drinking margaritas.


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