I love to color my nails. I hardly ever go without. When I do take off the old polish I sometimes will leave them bare for a day, but only if I am staying home. Over the years I have done the fake nails, you know the ones ladies (lee press-ons). Then I learned how to do my own acrylic nails. I did those for a couple years until I learned that it was not good for the my nails. I stopped and let mine grow back. Now my nails are strong and healthy. I don’t let them get too long otherwise they chip or break. I have had people ask where I get my nails done. When I tell them that I do it, they are shocked. I think if you take the time to care for them they can look great.

I have tried so many different polishes thru the years and finally have found a few that I think are great. My favorite would have to be OPI. The range of colors are wonderful and they add new colors every year. The next one on my list would have to be Rimmel. It takes a bit to chip the polish off and they have a nice variety of colors. China Glaze is also a good one. I find that I have to put 2 or 3 coats on to get a good bright color. The chip factor is about 3 days. The other one I will list is Sally Hansen. I don’t really have anything against this brand, but there isn’t anything special either. Its a good drugstore brand.

I have found that most of the drugstore polishes are crap. They chip and fade too fast. If you want to get a good product go to a nail salon and see what they use. Thats how I learned about OPI and China Glaze. So where does one buy these brands? Well, you can buy them online at their sites or thru Ebay and many other online stores. I have bought a few OPI colors on Ebay that I couldn’t buy anymore cause they were discontinued. I buy mine in Vancouver at a beauty supply store. There are many beauty supply stores along Kingsway in the 1300 block area. I actually went to a new one yesterday called “Secret Nail and Beauty Supply“. So far this the the biggest one and the best prices for nail polish.

I guess I will now share my collection with you all. Its not as big as it used to be. I cleaned out all the old cheap polishes a couple years ago. The new item I got is the Nail Jazz pens. I love them. These are great for doing designs. I also found them at the store yesterday for half the price I paid at the P.N.E. where I bought them last week.(kicking myself for that one). Anyways, here are the pics I just took.

my-collection rimmel OPI

mixed-polish Nail-jazzchina-glaze


The Last picture of the Quick Dry is something that I could never live without again. I bought the small red bottle all the time for about 6 bucks but now I buy the big one for 15.00! I keep the small bottle and refill it. So there you have it people! Stuff about nail polish.

4 comments on “Nail Polish

  1. megz

    Can anyone walk into a beauty supply place? or do you have to have a card or something? Just asking cuz I see the prices are so much cheaper than in the salons!

    1. purpledragonfly Post author

      Yup, I walked in and there is no need for a card or be in the beauty industry. I have saved a lot of money. Why pay 12.00 for a bottle on OPI when I can get it half price at the beauty supply store.

  2. Cora Fanucchi

    what store did you buy the nail jazz pens from?

    1. purpledragonfly Post author

      I bought my first set at the PNE but then I saw others at “Secrets Beauty Supply”. They had about 4 different packs.

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