Last time we were there we didn’t do all the touristy things. We did a few but mainly we did whatever we felt like doing. This time we want to checkout a few places. We did see the ruins at Tulum and I was awe struck. I really wasn’t excited to see a bunch of crumbling rock buildings. I was so glad Gregg and I did. It was so beautiful. This time we are hoping to get out to Chichen Itza. Its one of the main ruins in the area. There are tour packages you can buy but I think we will rent a car and do it on our own so there is no rush. Another ruin is Coba. Its one that was uncovered recently. I understand that its the highest one out of them all. When you are on the top you can see over the jungle.

There are also some parks in the area we want to see. Xcaret being one of them. Xcaret is an eco theme park. You can swim with the dolphins. Which is kinda freaky but I want to try it. (I’m afraid of big fishies) We have been told that we need to wear bio-degradable suntan lotion if we plan to be in any of the waters. Xel-ha is another eco park that would be interesting to see. Not sure if we will do both or leave one for the next trip.

I’m getting excited about going. We leave in 52 days! Yes I am counting! I have been counting for the last 5 years….LOL. I know Gregg and I both need to get away. 5 years without a holiday is way too long.

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2 comments on “Mexico plans

  1. Smurf

    I hope you do get to swim with the dolphins so you can tell me all about it. Sounds like you have some great tourist spots to check out, don’t forget to get your tacky tourist outfits picked out hahahaha
    Anyways I really hope you and Gregg have a great time !!

  2. purpledragonfly Post author

    Thanks, I’m sure we will.
    Not so sure I want a tactic tourist outfit…lol
    If we do, we’ll get lots of pics wearing them…lol

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