I have a post ready for today but I am not ready to post it yet. I am waiting to resolve something first. In the mean time, I am going to sing for you….no I’m just kidding, I wouldn’t put you thru such torture. So, here we are. What’s new today? Well, I talked to mom and she picked up her new car yesterday. A 2007 Nissan Murano. A very sexy car I must say! I think she will love driving it around town. It was about time to get a new one. The last car was a 1990 buick which was real nice when they first got it but now its worth about 1000 bucks, if that. My brother bought it for 500. Mom thought it was a fair deal since the “chicken” episode. I have to tell you about this one!…LOL

Mom went food shopping a couple months back and bought a stewing hen. She got home and realized it wasn’t in the grocery bags. So she went back to the store and asked if she left it there and they said no. They gave her another chicken to replace the lost one. She went home and left it at that. A couple days later she was on her way out and went down to the parking garage of their building to go get in the car to head out. She noticed a smell the closer she got to her car. She opened the door and climbed in and was assaulted by a rotting odor. She instantly knew that it was the “elusive” chicken. She looked every where for it and finally found it in the trunk under a towel and a plastic bag that she thought had nothing in it the day she brought the bags of food up. She got rid of it and cleaned the area as best she could. The smell was ground in. Even the last few days that she had the car, I could still smell a faint odor. Now my brother has to deal with it…LOL. She did go back to the store and pay for that second chicken.

This is a story that will be laughed about from time to time in the family circle. The days when mom is feeling down we can just say chicken to her and I am sure she will laugh.

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  1. Cynthia

    So funny, I once had a lingering of smell of spilled pickle juice, oh that reeked!!

  2. purpledragonfly Post author

    Yup…I laughed so hard when I found out, cuz the day before I was in the car and smelt a weird odor but didnt want to say anything.Pickle juice bad but rotting chicken is really gross.

  3. Grandmothergoose

    You should post this story on our family website, Karin.
    Let everyone get a chuckle out of it. It’s just to funny!
    What ya think, it’s an idea, right?

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