First Five Years

Its been 5 years today that Gregg has been my husband. I feel very lucky that he came into my life when he did. I have no idea where I would be now if he hadn’t of shown up. He has helped me change my whole life. I am a better person because of him.

At our wedding we each toasted each other and had a few words to say. I want to share these words with you again Gregg.


Sometimes I think back to when we first got together. I remember the talks that went on thru the night. You helped me get thru a lot of tough times. You put up with a lot of things that I said and did. Even when I would tell you to go home, you never complained. I tried to get you to argue with me, cause I really thought that if we didn’t fight then you must not love me…I was wrong. Then when I got sick, you were the one that was there, taking care of me day after day. You were the only one I was willing to have see me like that. You showed me just how much you loved me.

I am so lucky that I have you. Before I knew you, I didn’t even know myself. You helped me find myself and grow into the person I am now. A person that even I can be proud of. I am so thankful for that. You opened up the world for me. You taught me how love should really be. You are the man that I have always looked for but never found, until now. Thank you for being so patient and waiting for me.

Once again, thank you Gregg.

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  1. Happy 5th Anniversary to both of you!
    We are so proud of you, Karin. The way you have changed your life.
    That takes a strong person.
    We wish you many more happy years together. God Bless!

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