When we have grown up and have kids of our own we understand that it is our responsibility to teach them things so that they turn out to be good adults. Some times that doesn’t happen. For me its been a bit hard to do. Since I wasn’t there for part of my boys growing stage. Matt was 13 and Colby was 9 when I was forced to leave the family home. I did my best that I knew how for the those first 13 years. Since that time I have done what I can to teach them what I could when I saw them. I always thought I did a fairly good job.

The boys are now adults and they are both good boys. They both have strong opinions and if they have something to say, they say it. They know right from wrong as well. Now that brings me to why I am writing this. I consider myself to be up front and blunt with my honesty. I know that I can be cruel at time with how honest I am. Some times I don’t realize that what I might have said could of hurt someone. I do try don’t to be that honest. As it is said “the truth can hurt” and I really don’t like to hurt people.

Having said that, I think honesty is a very important part of being a decent person. I don’t approve of people who lie to get what they want out of life. I’m sure we have all done it once or twice in our lives, but to keep doing it, is wrong. So why do it? why lie? Does it make the person feel good? Or maybe they get a rush from the fear of being caught? I know that some people can’t help it. I’ve heard that it can be a compulsive disorder. What ever the reason maybe, I still don’t like it when people do it.

When you lie, it hurts the person or people involved. As you lie the lie gets bigger and it spreads and then it ends up coming full circle to hit you in the face. Trust me, I know. It was how I learned not to lie again. Well, that and the spanking I got from my dad. Thing is, you can’t go spanking adult liars. Its too bad, I can think of a few that need it.

Anyways, I guess what I am trying to say is that if you lie make sure its really worth it. Think it over many times before you do it. Make sure that it wont hurt anybody or involve someone unknowingly. If the price is too high to pay then don’t do it. The only place a lie will get you is in trouble. The best thing to do? Just be honest. Honesty is what makes you worth having as a friend. Plus, it feels great to know people can believe and trust in you.

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Last Modified: September 7, 2007

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  1. Grandmothergoose

    WOW, Karin!
    This is a well written piece and so true!
    Worth reading again!

    Well done, SIS!

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