Today I did some much needed cleaning. I started in the kitchen. OK, it took some time, there were a lot of dishes. The counter tops needed a good scrubbing. I swept the floor and spot cleaned it with a wet rag. Don’t understand how coffee ends up on the floor all the time. After that I started on the bathroom. I don’t mind doing the counter and mirror and tub. Its the toilet and floor I hate. You see, Gregg is on the hairy side so he loses hair more than most people. Matthew seems to be losing hair too, I guess he is going to go bald. I lose my share too. So with the 3 of us there is a lot of hair on the floor.I have to clean the floor twice a week. I can handle this. What I can’t handle is the toilet. Think… pee around toilet and lots of hair. This is a disgusting mess to have to clean up. Now tell me, where does it say, in what book that being the woman of the house means that I have to clean this mess? Why can’t it be the one who makes the mess? I don’t pee any where but IN the toilet, and all the hair around the toilet was short hair, not my long 14 inch hairs. But ya know, I can complain all I want, its not going to change the fact that I have to clean it all.

I do have one question…how does body hair get under the toothpaste cap?

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