I came across this article today. Now it has me thinking again about all those beauty products out there. As I am turning 40 next month I was starting to wonder if I need any of those “age-defying” products. I have tried many different moisturizers over the last couple years and have found one that I like and have stayed with it for over a year now. I don’t consider myself old looking at all. Actually, just last friday when we went out for our anniversary the bartender at the lounge was shocked to hear that I had to grown boys. Its not the first time this has happened. One of mom’s friends thought I was 28! I thought that she might need to get new glasses. Gregg tells me that I don’t look my age at all. When looking at pictures of women my age they look old to me. Gregg agrees. Gregg and I guess or figure out ages of women all the time. Its very interesting to find out if we are right or wrong.

Anyways, my routine has become simple. I shower daily, sometimes I will skip a day if I am feeling lazy. I use a body wash that is mild on the body. Shampoo and a conditioner. I wash my face with a very mild cleanser. I only use moisturizer when my skin feels dry. I have found out that it doesn’t matter what creams you use, they are all about equal. I wear oil-free make. I have oily skin so I have to make sure all my make-up is oil free. The only time I wear make-up is if I will be going out all day or for a function of some sort. I don’t bother with it if I am just running around town, lipstick and eyeliner is all I will put on. I admit that I always have my nails done. Its something I have done for many years, and will do so for a long time to come.

I think I am fortunate that I have oily skin. I don’t get dry patches anywhere on my body like some people do. I know that mom uses lotions for her heels and elbows all the time. Then there is the face creams and hand creams. I do use a hand cream when my skin around my nails get dry and I end up getting hang nails. That is mostly in the fall season. I used to think that I needed all those creams, lotions and potions, but not anymore. I am slowly cleaning out and using up everything I have in my bathroom cabinet.

I recently replaced my make-up and threw out all the old stuff. I have made that a lot simpler. As for the rest, well it will all be gone eventually. I just cant throw it out. I will use it and not buy more.

If you want to know more about beauty products I highly recommend these books.

I learned a lot from these 2 books. Sure made me think about what I was buying and putting on my body.

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