I’m packing everything we need to go on a road trip. We are headed for Calgary tomorrow. Gregg’s grandma is not doing so well and she has been asking for Gregg to come see her. So we thought it would be best to go now before its too late. She is getting older and since grandpa died last year she has been getting worse.

So how does one know what to take on a short trip? We will be back on Tuesday. What do I need? Is it colder in Calgary? Or will it be about the same as here? The weather changes so much. I guess I should bring a light jacket and sneakers. I usually wear sandals till it gets too cold for my toes. I don’t like socks. I guess I will just need the basics. Its so hard to pick out the right clothes, I wear what I feel like that day. Now I have to figure out what I think I might want to wear. LOL  oh well…

I’ll be blogging when we get back about everything we saw and did. I have the camera with so I will be taking lots of pics.

Have a great weekend my friends!

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  1. Grandmothergoose

    Have fun and a safe trip.
    The scenery is breathtaking so take lots of pictures.
    Talk to you next week.

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