Well we made it home. It was a long drive to Calgary and back. I didn’t get to see much on the way there but on the drive back the mountains were so beautiful. I had never been past Revelstoke. It was breath taking. I took lots of pictures and will post some later. We bought a new camera while we were there so I snapped a lot of everything…lol.

As for the home front…¬† We came back to Matthew snoring up a storm at midnight and the next morning he was gone, and I mean gone. He has moved out. He found an apartment about 2 miles down the road and has moved back on his own. I really hope he can make it work this time. I know its not easy to have to make ends meet these days. He should of saved enough money over the last 6 months to get ahead a bit. So good luck to you Matthew.

Now I get to clean up my home. YIPPEE. Naw, its ok, I’m looking forward to getting everything back to where it belongs. After 6 months it will be nice to eat at our kitchen table again. Didn’t think I would miss it so much…lol. So that is what I am doing, cleaning up around here today. Its sunny out there and so I can see all the dust on my coffee table. We actually had to turn on the fireplace yesterday. It was so cold in here. off to work!
I’ll do a post with pics later of our trip.

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