Yes the new season has started. Last week Prison Break started and this week Heroes. Also a bunch of new shows that I’m curious about. I have bee n waiting the most for Heroes this evening. I can hardly wait to see what this season will bring. Big brother was good until the last couple episodes. Once I found out it was Dick or Danielle there really wasn’t any reason to watch it.

I wonder if the Bionic Woman will be any good? Tonight is also the new Journeyman series. Tomorrow evening is Cane. Not too sure if its one I will get into. I think I will watch Reaper instead. So many new shows, so little time. Some of the shows over lap so I guess the old vcr will have to be put to some use.

I still haven’t pulled the pics off the camera but I will do it this week and get those pics from our Calgary trip up this week. We were busy cleaning up around here and out looking for a new camera bag plus sandals for Gregg. I finally found shorts after looking all summer. Walmart 5 bucks in the clearance rack, regular 24.00. So that was a good deal.

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