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We left here at 3:30pm on friday. We got to Calgary at 4am. It was a long drive and I was tired.We slept for a few hours then got up to greet everyone. Grandma was all ready there the day before. So when she saw Gregg she was so happy. She had no idea we would be there. We are sat and had some breakfast and chatted. After a while we got ready and headed into the little town of Okatoks. Its very small. Something 20,000 people live there. Its only about 20 minutes from Calgary. We washed the car and grabbed some lunch and then headed back to the house for the BBQ. Gregg’s cousin got married in Vegas and so this was a party for them. The house was full of people. The food was good and the people were very friendly.

On sunday we drove into Calgary and did some shopping. They have way more malls than we do here. We bought a view things here and there and did a bit of the tourist thing too. We had dinner at Tom’s house of Pizza. Gregg’s dad used to run one of these pizza joints. All I have heard from Gregg and his dad is that its the best pizza ever. I thought it was good but I like Me’n’Ed’s pizza better.

Monday morning the weather had gone from warm and sunny to windy, cold and rainy. It was like winter showed up over night. We decided to hit the road back home. We did a bit more shopping as we traveled thru Calgary. We finally started towards the Mountains at about 1pm. The drive to Calgary I didn’t get to see any of the Rockies since it was dark out, but this time I saw it all. They were stunning. So beautiful. Well I took our new camera that we bought the day before and started snapping at everything thru the window. We stopped a few times along the way and took more pictures.

When we finally got to Salmon Arm at 7pm I called Colby to see if he wanted to meet in Kamloops to get his keys that he forgot on his last visit. He couldn’t do it. So we have some dinner and I changed into my PJ”s in the front seat of the car. We were off again. We flew thru Kamloops (I really hate that town) and stopped for a quick pee break in Merritt. Next stop…home.

We pulled into the garage at midnight. It was a long day and I was ready for bed. Matthew was asleep when we got home. The cats were both sleeping in our bedroom. It was good to be home.

Calgary 2007 030

Here is one of the pictures I took. The rest are in our Flickr site. I put all the good and the bad shots up.

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  1. Cynthia

    crazy trip and fast. Glad you got home safe!

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