I haven’t be blogging the last 2 weeks as much as I normally do. For some reason I just haven’t felt like it. I guess cause I haven’t been feeling all that well again. Seems that every few days my IC wants to start up. My back has been sore and I feel so tired I could sleep for days. Gregg and I did go out again this weekend to look for a new camera bag and we found one in Vancouver. We also stopped at Costco and I bought myself a bottle of multi-vitamins. Hopefully they will help give me a bit more energy.

I promise I will start blogging more again. Today I am just going to do a bit of cleaning around here, read my book and take it easy. oh yeah, we did go see a movie on saturday afternoon. We saw “Superbad” . I laughed a lot. It was worth it to waste the money on this one. I wouldn’t recommend it for anybody who has a problem with swearing. The “F” word is said about every 3 minutes. So if that offends you, then don’t go see it. Yes it was over done but I still thought it was a hilarious movie. I give it a 8 out of 10.   “I am McLovin”. LMAO!

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