Last night I climbed into my bed and got all comfy for an evening of TV. Well I’m glad I did. The first show I watched was the new “Pushing Daisies“. I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but I do. I thought it was cute. Its nice to see something unique for a change instead of alway reality shows or sex and murder. I hope this one sticks around. The main plot is a guy that has a special gift. He can touch people and bring them back to life but if he touches them again he can kill them. Only thing is, if he doesn’t touch them and lets them live longer than a minute, someone else will have to die. Its light and funny.

The second show I watched was “Reaper“. Second episode and I am laughing again. So I am going to say I like it. I don’t like “evil” shows but the Devil is actually a funny guy. There are some silly moments here and there. The plot is good, but does have a few holes in it. Sam’s parents sold his soul to the devil before he was even born. So here comes the Devil to collect on his 21st birthday. The devil says he needs help sending escaped damned souls back to hell. Now Sam works for the Devil and has help from his friends. He also works at the “Work Bench” which looks like a local Canadian Tire store. I also like this one cause its filmed in the Vancouver area.

The third show I watched was Law & Order SVU. I have watched this series for a few years now and I always enjoy it. I like that I can miss a few episodes and come back and still know whats going on. So there you have my Tuesday evening line up. For those of you who tried to message me in the evenings, now you know why I’m not answering. I am watching TV every evening from 8pm till I go to bed.

The links I am using are from .  Reason is that the info is a bit more accurate than some of the sites that fans put up. You can always google the shows.

3 comments on “New Shows on Tuesdays

  1. Smurf

    Thanks Karin for the line up of Tuesday TV, We have a few spots to fill now that Eureka and 4400 are done for their season and still waiting for a few shows to start up.

  2. Grandmothergoose

    Do you know that Carlos is actually working on the “Reaper” show?
    He says that the more people like it the better his chances of having work until at least Christmas.
    I have not watched it yet.
    I know I’m a baaaaad sister!

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