Again I was watching TV last night. The line up was ok. First I watched “Kid Nation“. Its about 40 kids ranging from 8 to 15 years old. They are put out in an old west town. They have to make this town work. No adults anywhere. I’m sure there are plenty of adults in the background to help them cope. So far its been interesting. Plus there really isn’t much else to watch. I’ll keep watching it till I find something better in that time slot.

Second was “Bionic Woman” or “Criminal Minds“. I did watch Bionic Woman last week but this time I got bored with it. So I switched over to Criminal Minds. I did some flip-a-vision between the two. I don’t think that I will be getting into the Bionic Woman. Its nothing like the old series. The main actor that plays Jamie Sommers just hasn’t grabbed me.

10pm was the new show “Life” and “CSI New York” . Life has a good plot about a cop that was released after serving 8 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, but I don’t know if they picked the right actor for the head role. So far I think I’ll keep watching to see where is goes. I did flip over to see what was going on with CSI NY, and as always someone had been murdered. Its another one of those shows that you can always come back to and still know whats going on. Plus the lead actor is cute!

So that is the shows for Wednesday nights.

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