What did I watch? Let me tell you. At 6pm “Blood Ties“was on the space channel. This is on Sunday at 7pm also. It’s based on the Vampire series by Tanya Huff. I have read the books and the show is not too bad but I like the books better. Plot-vampire meets PI Vicky Nelson and helps her solve crimes. The Vampire is cute.

7pm I played flip-a-vision till I land on AMC and started to watch “Original Sin” with Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie. It was actually a good movie. I didn’t get to finish watching it since I changed channels at 8pm. I might have to rent the movie sometime. At 8pm I flipped to the right channel to watch “Grey’s Anatomy“, but what?! It wasn’t on like the TV guide told me. Instead it was “Private Practice“. I was not happy. So I flipped around some more and noticed that “Torchwood” was finally on. If you are a “Dr.Who” fan then you will be wanting to watch this show. I was starting to get a bit dizzy from trying to pick what show to watch, cause I found another show “Moonlight” that I wanted to watch. I decided to watch Moonlight, another new Vampire show. Its actually not bad. After I then went to my computer and downloaded the episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Torchwood that I missed. There wasn’t anything I really wanted to watch at 10pm. “Numb3rs” was on and its an OK show but not something I watch unless I really have nothing else to do.

As for this evening, I don’t think there is anything I MUST watch. Plus we are going out for dinner so there is no telling when we will be back at home. Sunday is “Cold Case“, “Desperate Housewives” night and “Dirty, Sexy Money“. I can’t miss my favorite housewives. I have watched this show from the beginning and have enjoyed every minute of it. This new series”Dirty, Sexy Money” started last Sunday and it looks like it might a good one. I will see what happens over the next few weeks, if it turns out to be a good series I guess I will have another show I am hooked on …LOL

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