Yesterday was a busy day. We were up and out the door by 10am. Gregg dropped me off at the hair salon (Hair Masters) down by Zellers. I know, people tell me not to go to the cheapy places, but I have found the girls there are actually really good. Just ask for Anna or Judy. I like the fact that they cut my hair when it’s dry. I have very fine hair, but lots of it. While I was getting my hair cut Gregg drove down to Sumas to pick up 2 parcels we had shipped to a company that receives parcels for Canadians. “Ship Happens” is just across the Sumas border. We have used it a few times and it saves us money to get things shipped there rather than getting it in Canada. Gregg got his GPS logger and we also got our “Nerak beads“. What are Nerak beads? Well, click on the link silly!

Once I was done getting my hair cut I was just going to head over to Zellers, but Gregg showed up just in time to stop me from maybe spending money…LOL. I hopped into the car and we were off again. Now to Wal-mart. We needed fake fur for our costumes. I found some for Gregg. He is going to be a dog. We then zipped up to Milestones for a quick lunch, yum. After we stopped at Fabricland and found some black fur for my cat ears. Just so you know, we have a Halloween party to go to in Mexico. We made another stop at Valhalla Pure to see if they had any cargo shorts for Gregg. We were not will to pay 100 buck for shorts. We moved on.

We hit a couple thrift stores in town and Liquidation World and found a few things, but no shorts. Once we were home we relaxed for a bit and then called Glen to see what time he wanted to go for dinner. We headed to his place at 6pm. We first grabbed a 6 pack of Mexican beer. Once there we sat and talked and decided the evening events. We left and headed to the “Eagles” to see the renovations and to have a quick beer before dinner. It really looks great in there now. We recognized some of the regulars that we have met there the few times Glen has taken us for a beer and said hello to them all. We left and headed for dinner.

W e decided to go back to Sumas and have Mexican food. There is a great restaurant called “El Nopal” that Gregg and his dad have talked about many times. So it was time to finally go and taste it. It was very good. I really enjoyed my food. The cost for the 3 of us with beer was under 50 bucks. Now here is the reason why we did a “Mexican” theme day with Glen.

The first time we went down to Mexico for our honeymoon 5 years ago, we used Glen’s credit card to buy the tickets since our card had a 1000 dollar limit at the time and the tickets were 1034. Thing is, we forgot completely about the money(yes we feel bad) and never paid him back(he forgot too). So, as we started our meals and enjoyed our beer, Gregg said “you should come with us this trip” Glen said “I just don’t have the extra money” Gregg said “well you do now, your coming with us”. He looked a bit shocked. We explained about the money we hadn’t paid back and also gave him the choice if he wanted to just have the money instead of going on the trip. Glen said “I dont have vacation booked off”. Gregg said ” well maybe I already talked to the Boss and have you booked off for a week”. Knowing that, he smiled and said “Let’s go!” He was so happy.

We enjoyed the rest of our evening and afterwards dropped him off at home and told him to start packing. The smile on his face was priceless.

So the 3 of us will be sitting on the beach in 3 weeks, drinkin beer and havin a great time! While you all enjoy the nasty cold weather here….hehehehe

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