As you all know we are going to Mexico in 20 days. Well I have been working on our costumes. Mine is ready and I am just starting on Gregg’s. I’m going to be a cat, Gregg is a dog. I am really getting in to this. It has been years since I dressed up for Halloween. I think the last time I was a Devil about 10 years ago. I have made my ears and tail and have a cute little black dress to wear. I still need to pick foot wear. Shoes have to be something comfy but practical. No high heels and no boots. I might have to buy a cheap pair of black flip-flops. I’ve been looking at photos of face make-up to get an idea of how to paint up my cat face. Now I came across cat eye contacts. oh my! I want some! I need to see if I can find some before we leave. Take a look at all of these–“clicky“. I think green cat eyes would look so cool. But I dont think I will get any since they are bit more money than I want to pay. I would rather spend the money on our trip.

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