It was a full evening of TV. It started at 7pm with Law & Order-Criminal Intent“, It was good. At 8pm I watched “Cold Case“. I seem to enjoy these type of shows. Finally at 9pm one of my favorite shows started “Desperate Housewives“. I enjoy watching all the sneakiness going on. At 10 pm I watched “Dirty,Sexy Money” for the second time. I think I will  like this new series. I have always liked Donald Sutherland and that is why I am giving this show a chance.

Tonight the week starts over. First at 8pm with “Prison Break“. This is a great show at least I think so. Plus the guys are sexy. Then on another channel is “Dance with the stars“. This is a good “wholesome” show. At 9pm it “Heroes“. I love this series. It just gets better with every new episode. I want to have all these super powers! Then the last show at 10pm is the new “Journeyman” This will be the 3rd episode and its not too bad. It kind of reminds me of that show from the late 80’s “Quantum Leap“. So that is my weekly line up of shows this season. I know that there are still a few more shows I will be adding as soon as they start up. I might need to find another vcr or set up the Computer to record some of them. I’m still waiting for “Lost” and “Nip/Tuck” to start.

Anyways, if you try to get a hold of me in the evenings, dont bother, I am not at my PC. I am in my imaginary TV world. 🙂

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