Yesterday was a long day for me. By the time Gregg got home I was a mess. I felt like crying and running away from my home I love. Why? Well our neighbors under us have 2 teenage boys that are pot heads. Its not so bad when the mother is at home but she has been in the hospital recovering from some major surgery for the last 3 months now.The 3 months we have put up with the fact that we couldn’t sit on our deck or have the door open too long. I learned to live with it since we can’t do much about smokers. We have complained to the strata council many times and Gregg did it last night again.

I guess I was just done with it. I was stoned last night. The pot smoke started at 10am and went on till about 5pm. There was no where to hide. I closed the door and window but it was still getting in some how. I wanted to leave. I wanted to cry because I dont want to leave my home. I just know that this has to stop. I cant deal with it anymore. I dont even want to think about the fact that we would have to move just because of some pot smoking looosers! Yes I am angry. I am mad and frustrated. We have called the police and they just tell us that there is nothing they can do about it. So what am I to do??

Maybe if I file a complaint every time I smell the pot it would get them kicked out? I doubt it. I hope the mother comes home soon so she can kick the kids out again. I also think that my tiredness and all over sick feeling has been cause of this situation.

Anyways I have back to what ever it was I was doing 🙂

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