I wish my mom would stop buying these books. She believes everything that this man writes. I have told her over and over again that he is a fake. Does she listen? No. So what can I do about it? Nothing. I wish I could convince her that he is no good, that he is just trying to make money off the people. She is always looking for that “magical natural herbal cure”. I know many others that believe we all need to do “cleanses”, but in reality our bodies do it all for us. We don’t need “extra supplements”. We get everything from the food we eat as long as we eat healthy. The only thing I take is one multi-vitamin a day just in case I am not eating everything I should. Vitamins are NOT supplements. We all need vitamins and minerals, but we don’t need to put things like “shark fin” or ” willow tree bark” or even “green algae” in  our bodies. There are so many crazy supplements out there. Who knows what they will really do to your body.

Mom thinks that because of all the things she has done over the years, is why she is so healthy. I dont agree. I think its because she eats right and exercises. She has always been active through out her entire life. I can keep saying that to her too and she wouldn’t agree with me. It always has to be the “natural” stuff that has done it for her. I guess she is too stubborn to listen.(lol) Thats ok, I wont love her any less.

Her latest kick is “stevia” . I wont touch the stuff, tastes like crap to me. She uses it all the time. Then again, I use “Splenda”. Which one is better? I think splenda is, or I should say I trust it more than stevia since I have yet to see studies done on it. Ah but there is too much crap to throw around when it comes to sweeteners. I hope to go back to sugar soon. Sugar is as natural as you can get.

So how did I get to sweeteners ? I was talking about that looser guy that likes to rip off the good people in this world. Yes I have my opinion of people like him. I hate them all! See, I’m all for equality. I spread my hate evenly. Every person on this earth that is hurting other people gets a little piece of hate. How special is that?! I am so generous!

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  1. Smurf

    Thanks for reminding me about my vitamin. I have been extremely tired lately, I think it is recovering from Thanksgiving, plus possibly run low on energy. Paul and I have been trying to change our diet a bit, however its somewhat hard because we don’t like brown pasta, brown rice, not too crazy about fish. So we have started by getting into the habit of taking a vitamin everyday, putting more veggies and fruits in our diet. I have never had to watch my weight, I still don’t have to, Paul on the other hand needs to because he carries alot of weight in the tummy. His job isn’t to active either. He has a exercise routine that he has started up again, we have to be concerned about his weight because of diabetes runs in his family.

    As for these people who write books about all this stuff, trying to suck people in, it’s really hard sometimes to tell if the person is full of shit or is actually on to something. My mother in law is hugely into naturalpaths, (however you spell the word) anyways she sometimes goes and gets treatment from their rather then a medical doctor.

    I do agree with you karin in the fact that your mom being active and exercising all her life has contributed largely to her health today. I hope we can be like her as we age.

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