Yesterday we decided to head into Vancouver. Actually it was Burnaby, Metrotown Mall. Its a pretty big Mall. I think if you took your time you could find everything you needed in there, but first we made a quick stop at “Secrets beauty supplies” and I bought some more nail polish for 60 cents a bottle and a nail file plus a couple more makeup brushes. Now we were off to the Mall. We were there for only one thing that I wanted for sure, a lush shampoo bar. Lush is a great store. The smell in the store can be over powering at times. If you like “vegan” or “natural” products this would be a great place to get a few things. I love love love their bath bombs, but I was good and didn’t even go near them. I grabbed my shampoo bar called “Godiva” (it smells SOOO good) then looked at the soap bars and decided that I didn’t need them. I paid and left. I could of walked out with a bag full of stuff (I’m sure Gregg’s wallet was happy). The Godiva shampoo bar will be perfect for Mexico. Its an all-in-one bar. Hair and body wash. The scent has Jasmine in it. This bar will last at least 6 months. Which is great for the price of 10 bucks and nothing to recycle or throw in the trash, good for the environment. Lush always has the deal that if you buy 2 shampoo bars you get a storage tin free. Lucky me I already have 2 tins. This will be so easy for travel.

After we bought that, we looked around for a few other items. Gregg still needed cargo shorts. We lucked out at Sears. They had a rack of shorts for 9.99 a pair, so we bought 2. We checked out a few shoe stores cause Gregg needs runners and I am looking for a nice pair of boots and good walking shoes. We didn’t find any. Well I shouldn’t say that, we did find many, but we weren’t willing to spend over 100 bucks for each. We wanted to keep the price under that. Very hard to do these days. I think we might have to make a trip across the border when we get back from Mexico.

We had some lunch in the food court (I know its not the best place to eat). After we walked around a bit more and looked at more stuff. Bought a few more little items. Finally found some “blush” that I like. Its from NYC makeup.  Its the blush color wheel in pink glow. The color is great. Also found some white halloween makeup. We were finally ready to head home.

We got into Abbotsford and decided to make one last stop. We pulled into the shoe Warehouse and took a look. I found some shoes but didn’t buy them. I figured I didn’t needed them right now, they can wait till next month. Gregg tried on a few runners but didn’t find any he liked. So back in the car and across the street to Costco. Where I found something I have been wanting to buy for a couple months now. First off, I had a coupon for “Olay total effects” lotion. I know I said that I don’t like to use all these products out there and that I am happy with my “Dove” lotion, but this worked out to the same price with using the coupon. And if I don’t like it I can return it. Anyways, the best find was “Physicians Formula Mineral Wear”. I have been wanting to buy this, but the price was always too high. Costco does things in big packs. Well here was the pack I wanted. Loose powder, pressed powder and eye shadow duo all for 19.99! Normally just the loose powder is about 15 bucks or more. So this was a fantastic deal. There was 2 shades light and medium. I grabbed the light since I have very fair skin. I put it on this morning to see how it looks. So far I love it. Feels good on the skin. Not heavy like some makeups. Good coverage. The eye shadow is hardly noticeable but its still nice if you just want a bit of hi-light.

We made it home and had some dinner and I watched a bit of TV while Gregg did some stuff on his PC. It was a long day, but a good day.

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