I have added an “about me” page. It at the top on the right side. Go take a look, read it over and leave a comment if you want. Maybe you want to ask me something? About what? who cares! Ask away! I am not afraid! I’ll answer all questions.

I have also been adding stuff to my sidebar. I’m not sure if I will keep it all. Right now I am just testing stuff. I want to built traffic to my site. Maybe some of you people out there have ideas to share with me?

You may also have noticed that under my post is an ad. I know some can be annoying thats why I have picked ones that are easy on the eyes and  don’t sit there and blink in neon colors. I hate those ones. The reason for these ads is to try to make a tiny bit of cash. Since I don’t work and cant work because of my neck injury, I am hoping that people will click on these ads so that I can say I am doing something too to pay the bills. I feel bad that Gregg works so hard for so little money and I sit here and wish I could help. Thats why I am trying to get traffic.

Oh and now you are probably thinking “they are going to Mexico, they have money”. Well we have been saving the money for the last 5 years. I saved all my change to pay for the tickets. Plus we use the itravel2000 credit card that gives us travel points. So its not like we can just travel when ever we want. We have worked hard at budgeting and saving our pennies.

Anyways, I’m babbling again….lol. The point is…click click click!….hehehe

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