Well here we are and its friday once again. Strange how that happens. Not much happening today. Just doing a bit of laundry and cleaning up. I’m almost packed for our trip. I’m just not sure what to wear on the way down. Last time I wore jeans, t-shirt, sock and runners. When we landed and finally walked out of the airport I instantly felt the heat and my legs were wet with sweat. My feet felt like they were swollen. So I think this time I need to either wear light clothes or bring shorts and sandals in my carry on bag so I can change on the plane before we land.

I’m also not sure how much to pack? I need clothes for 2 weeks. I figure 3 pairs of shorts, 5 tank tops, 3 bathing suits, 2 pairs of socks, 5 undies, 2 skirts, 2 dresses, 2 bras. Anything else? Sandals I have 3 pairs and my runners. That should be good for foot wear. I can take everything to the laundromat half way through our trip. Its so hard to know what I need! I have some clothes I would like to take but we are trying to keep it as little as possible. Less to care around. Since we plan on trying a few different hotels.

Oh yeah, Gregg’s sister will be joining us too. I dont thing I mentioned that. So it will be Gregg and I plus Glen and Robin. A family trip. Should be fun. I’m looking forward to getting to know Robin a bit more. She lives in Alberta so we dont see her much and when she is in town its only for a night or two.

I really think we will all have a blast in Mexico. 🙂

3 comments on “Friday…again

  1. Smurf

    5 pair of undies enough??? I think you should pick up another pack of fruit of the loom just in case……..hahahaha

    1. purpledragonfly Post author

      I figure I will be in my bathing suit a lot plus I can wash the undies in the sink or take all my clothes to the laundromat.There is no way I will take a pair of undies for each day we are there….lol

  2. Smurf

    this is true. All I hope is that you all have a great time !!! Waited long enough. Get going already so we can see the pictures from the trip…lol

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